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Travelling west on the north coast away from Ocho Rios towards Montego Bay. Our first stop will be Columbus Park. This is an open air museum and Craft Park, said to be the place that Christopher Columbus first landed in 1494. Get to know the town of Falmouth, situated in the parish of Trelawney (birthplace of the fastest man alive , Usain Bolt). You'll take an exhilarating river ride on one of the 30–foot, bamboo raft and be piloted down the Martha Brae River.

Enjoy the exotic flowers along side river banks, see Rafters village along the river side. View Historic caves where three known groups of people, the Arawak, Indians, (Tainos) who used the caves as shelters and hide out. Taking this guided tour will leave you fascinated about our ancestors' history.

Martha Brae Rafting Views

Martha Brae Rafting

Martha Brae Rafting

Martha Brae Rafting


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