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Visit Dolphin Cove, Jamaica's number one marine attraction. Just a few minutes due west of Ocho Rios you will find this tropical retreat, set against Jamaica's beautiful north coast, where you will inevitable have the experience of a life time. Here you will have the opportunity of experiencing the thrills, interact and swim with dolphins.

You will definitely enjoy the antics, the kisses; feel the love of these amazing animals. Wow! How much real can it get. Dolphin cove is a place where you could spend the entire day. There are more activities to choose from. You can also swim with the sharks, interact with stingrays, go glass bottom kayaking or even go on the jungle Trail walk, where you will interact with exotic birds and more.

Dolphin Cove Views

Dolphin's Cove

Dolphin's Cove

Dolphin's Cove


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