Cruise Ship Piers | Ocho Rios and Falmouth

Welcome to Falmouth, the newest Cruise Ship destination and Ocho Rios, the attraction capital of the Caribbean. Both ports open the door to fabulous sightseeing, excellent shopping and a good look into the Jamaican culture. Your visit at any one of these Cruise Ship destination is always based on limited time so we have put to gether a list of tours that you can choose from. You can build your own itinerary from the list.

All our tours are designed to get you back to your cruise ship in time for departure. Christopher Badall is our Representative in charge of our Tours at the Cruise Ship piers. He will designate the size vehicle and drivers for you. All questions can be directed to Chris. He has at least twenty five years in the business of Tourism. Don't worry mon!! Very important!! If your group is not English speaking, please inform us ahead of time.


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